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6 Axis Laser Cutting Services

Sell: 6 Axis Laser Cutting Services

Crafted Metals has been in the business of custom precision laser cutting and fabrication for over 30 years and have supplied the highest quality laser cutting services for OEM, artists, government military contracts, structural steel suppliers and more. Our Mazak Space Gear-U44 (SG-U44) 6 axis compact laser performs high-speed processing of sheetmetal, plate, pre-formed parts, pipes and structural.

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Sell: Laser Cutting
● Can cut from .005 thick to .500 thick material ● Up to .500 thick in steel and alloy steels ● Up to .250 thick stainless steel ● Up to .187 thick aluminum ● Capable to cut hi-temp alloys ● Part size: from smaller than a penny to 50" x 100" ● Quantities: from 1 piece to thousands ● No tooling, fast turnaround ● Tolerances to +/-.001 ● Accepts IGES, DFX, DWG and PDF files ● Can reverse engineer your sample parts ● 2000 watts  
S & B Machine Works, Inc.
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Sell: Laser Cutting Steel
Sharples can cut all types of metal within a close tolerance. Cutting materials that are stainless steel, aluminum, or steel is easily achieved with the speed and accuracy of the laser. Sharples can also laser-cut steel up to 1/2", stainless up to 5/16", and thin aluminum burr-free, with minimum heat-affected zone. With our dedicated metal-cutting laser, we can guarantee clean and accurate finished pieces.
Sharples, W. R. Co., Inc.
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Crafted Metals, Inc. » Goods and Services » 6 Axis Laser Cutting Services
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